In our 25th year, we are rebranding as Stanton Creative Media, symbolizing our family company's growth in digital and print media. Todd Productions, Inc. will remain the parent company to Stanton Creative Media, Frontward Web Hosting and Three Quarters Entertainment.


Do you need to demonstrate or explain how to use your new product or make something? Training videos are essentially an educational tool to teach your targeted audience how to do something. At the end of the video, the viewer should have a clear understanding of what action to take with the knowledge gleaned from the presentation.

Training videos can be especially helpful for new employees who are overwhelmed with information. The video can show that new employee what your company is all about or walk him/her through a new facility as an online video tour. Perhaps you want to develop a whiteboard video to provide an in-depth demonstration of how a new product is being made or should be used. By using a training video to take new employees through in-depth processes about your product or company, you can save time.

At Stanton Creative Media (A Todd Productions Company), we have a great deal of experience developing training videos. Our team will work closely with your staff to develop a script, brainstorm ideas for video scenarios, film, record, and provide post-production editing with narration and music as needed.