In our 25th year, we are rebranding as Stanton Creative Media, symbolizing our family company's growth in digital and print media. Todd Productions, Inc. will remain the parent company to Stanton Creative Media, Frontward Web Hosting and Three Quarters Entertainment.


Promotional videos are an effective way to invite someone to a conference, event, open house, or even a webinar. They promote your event while giving your audience a feel for your brand. Promotional videos should include brief, but specific details of your event with some type of Call To Action to encourage the viewer to sign up or save the date. The goal is to boost event attendance and generate potential leads. Pre-recorded sales videos can speed the sales process by eliminating back and forth emails between you and a potential client. That results in the client getting more information up front. Plus, prospects can watch your sales pitch on their own time and be able to return to sections of the presentation as needed. They can also share your sales video with colleagues to extend the sales pitch to others. Our award-winning team will work closely with your staff to develop a script, brainstorm ideas for video scenarios, film, record, and provide post-production editing with narration and music as needed.