In our 25th year, we are rebranding as Stanton Creative Media, symbolizing our family company's growth in digital and print media. Todd Productions, Inc. will remain the parent company to Stanton Creative Media, Frontward Web Hosting and Three Quarters Entertainment.


Do you want to create a music video of your solo or band's performance at a local event? Maybe it's a video to post on social media or your website to bring in new fans, a short documentary about your musical process or song creation, or a promotional video to boost hype for an upcoming album.

You may be an aspiring musician who wants to create a video with lyrics. Perhaps you want intimate footage of your performance. Stanton Creative Media (A Todd Productions Company) has the capability of providing simple single-camera shoots up to multi-camera shoots at live performances or recording sessions. As experienced musicians ourselves, we understand what you are trying to achieve … because we've done the same with our own band. So you won't have to explain to us the details of music recordings. And that will free you up to focus on your music.